Quest W6 Pro Wireless Headphones

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Product information

Quest W6 Pro Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

The very latest 2.4 Rechargeable Wireless Headphones from Quest. 
This is the Pro version of the smaller and cheaper Lite W6.

The W6 has the larger 6.35mm jack plug on the transmitter plus an adapter to take the size down to 3.5mm which gives a complete choice on different make detectors.
(We have a seperate listing now for the W3 version which has the 3.55mm jack plug as standard with the 6.35mm adapter Inc).

Full size ear cups on the Pro version so Ultra comfortable. 
They are Weatherproofed 100% so perfect to use on the beach or in the rain. 

This version the Pro W6 works with all detectors that have a Jack plug socket of 6.35mm for the small transmitter to plug into. An adapter is included to enable detectors with 3.5mm jacks to be used. 
The Wireless headset also comes with a detachable cable in the kit for use in case the user runs out of battery power and needs to go wired to save the day. This is a nice little touch in case of such emergencies.
Price delivered free in the Uk  149.95 
There will be an extra delivery charge applied at checkout for overseas sales. 

Technical specifications

Brand: QUEST
Condition: New


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